Since 1978, Terry Dowd, Inc. has been handling fine art, artifacts, and antiques; objects that are high in value, sensitive and irreplaceable. TDI, is perhaps best known for its superior packing and crating services and its innovative adaptation of commercially available materials that meet conservation standards. Our crating methods have been informed by the research of the Canadian Conservation Institute, and in turn our standards have served as a guide for many institutions.

Our clients, including many of the most prestigious museums, private collectors and corporations in the world, regularly contract us for the collection, crating, storage and transport of individual works of art and entire exhibitions.

TDI maintains full-service facilities in Chicago and affiliated Denver partner, Ship Art-Terry Dowd LLC, offering a fleet of air-ride, climate controlled vehicles, shipping, transport, rigging and hoisting services, as well as a project management staff that formulates packing and installation decisions based on years of experience. Whether it’s installing a simple flatwork, rigging an over-sized sculpture into a residence or evacuating an entire collection from a disaster situation, Terry Dowd, Inc. has the resources to accommodate.